Every CD in the Plus Kits range is hand-crafted for the ultimate in self-development!

We combine three leading self-development technologies to create the most powerful, cutting-edge self-growth MP3s available.

Simply sit back, relax and hit play -- and let our recordings begin to change your life!

Every single recording combines the very latest in NLP, hypnosis and brainwaves. They're so powerful, you can literally begin to feel the change happening from inside -- after just the first listen!

Each CD in the Plus Kits range incorporates:


NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It’s a method of using words, images and suggestions to communicate directly with the subconscious mind and to change long-standing habits and ways of thinking. It was developed back in the 1980’s by Dr Richard Bandler and is now used throughout the world by psychotherapists and motivation experts, such as Anthony Robbins.

To learn more about NLP, please click here (Wikipedia link).


Hypnosis is a method of relaxing the mind into a mild trance and feeding positive suggestions to the subconscious. It’s perfectly safe and extremely enjoyable. It’s a great way to remove deep inner blocks and obstacles.

To learn more about hypnosis, please click here (partner link).


Brainwave technology is a way of changing the way you feel. It uses “binaural beats” to send different tones to each ear. These help to influence your brainwaves and induce feelings and attributes, such as confidence, receptivity to suggestion, and a healthy mind & body connection.

To learn more about binaural beats, please click here (partner link).

The creation of the Plus Kits range is a science, combining three of the world’s most powerful tools for self-change.

Want to discover more? Browse our full catalog below!

Here are the range of exciting MP3s now available in the Plus Kits catalog:
Sick of fad diets and weight loss programs that just don’t work? Begin your change from the inside, where it really matters! This hour-long session changes the way your body stores fat, ensuring you achieve your ideal body weight. No pills, no surgery. Just real change from within!
Need more confidence? Want to develop your charisma? By changing your subconscious thought process, you can enjoy being outgoing – without the need for worry or feelings of insecurity. Big change really can happen in just sixty minutes. You’ll feel like another person. We guarantee it!
Need help finding your perfect partner? We each create our own reality. And when you begin to change your thoughts, magical coincidences will come your way. This recording will turn you into a human love magnet. Whoever is right for you will appear in your life. And it only takes sixty minutes!
Ever been in The Zone? How would you like to return – on demand? The Zone is that state of peak performance, when everything just “flows”. Most people spend years trying to achieve that state on demand. With this recording, you’ll be given a secret “button” you can press to achieve that state – whenever you want!
How would you like to increase your IQ? Become a smarter person, become a funnier person, develop your quick-thinking. This recording rewires your mind so you’re no longer limited to thinking slowly. It’s perfectly safe and is the ideal way to enjoy pure intelligence, every day of the year!
Would you like to boost your immune system? Want to feel better and brighter every single day? This recording helps you achieve total health, by changing the way you feel about your body. It’ll increase your immunity to illness and ensure your body and mind are working at their optimum every single day.
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